About us

We at Rare Reef LLC strive to provide our customers with the Best Of The Best Corals and a selection that is unmatched.

We are located in West Palm Beach and allow local pick ups that are purchased online. We do not have a retail location that can be browsed. This gives us more time to seek out the best corals from all over the world to offer you all. You can choose local pick up in checkout at the shipping part and we will contact you to set up retrieval of your goods.

We have cultured corals from multiple home growers and mariculturists from all over the world, as well as ourselves. We frag and culture some of the best items found in this amazing hobby.
All of our wild corals have been hand picked from around the world from some of the best divers the ocean has ever seen, sent to us and we quarantine before selling to many stores and vendors across the USA as well as we bring some of the most gorgeous specimens right to 1000's of homes doorsteps monthly.
If you are a vendor looking for wholesale please feel free to contact us via email RareReef@aol.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We Offer A Smooth Reliable Experience From Checkout To The Moment It Shows Up At Your Doorstep.

We welcome emails day or night to answer questions and comments. Click on Contact Us for contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within a few hours.

Our Pictures:

We use an Underwater Camera For All Pictures In Macro Mode And White Balance Only.

Furthermore, Our facility runs on 100% LED Lighting . We are lit by Aquaillumination Hydra 26 and 52 as well as ReefBrite XHO led strips
Slight differences in colors due to lighting can occur but we are very very well known for having just about the most spot on pictures in the industry.

We use a WYSIWYG title as a way to say that you are getting Exactly What Is Pictured. What You See Is What You Get! If it is not WYSIWYG it will say so and you will see it in the description.


All Shipping Information Can Be Seen At The Shipping Link/Page